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Organising the world’s stakeholders together into simple, universally accessible, end to end ecosystem.

Connecting people to right businesses, with personalised and gamified experience.

Empowering businesses with new age AI tools simplifying operations and removing data silos.

Connecting businesses, vendors and manufactures from across the world into one collaborative workspace.

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AI Smart Business Suit

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We're a global organisation digitalising everyone, regardless of cost!











Our Brand

Acowale is the name behind multiple organisations that's propelling world from zero to one.

Our story from a remote hilly village
to a global tech house

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World's Largest Merchant Organisation

Exclusive collaborations with merchant organisations representing over 1.2 million members.

Largest in history

Over five months, a team of 87 individuals talked with around 420,000 businesses across 1,188 cities to curate Business App.


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Bridging creativity with functionality in every design endeavor

I’m Hugo, a multidisciplinary designer dedicated to bringing creative visions to life. With expertise spanning graphic design, branding, and digital media, I craft bespoke solutions that resonate with audiences and elevate brands.

I believe in the power of design to tell stories, provoke thought, and drive action. My approach combines artistic sensibility with strategic thinking, ensuring every project not only looks stunning but also delivers.

For Consumers: One App

Super App

Level up life? Shopping, jobs, social, chat, order management, financials, health and more.

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  • One App: Connecting Consumer & Businesses

Hyperlocal + Global

More than just a shopping app, packed with personalized and gamified experiences.
Simplify daily life.

*Inspired by Japanese concept of Society 5.0 which Government of Japan believe is nation’s future. We’re taking it global.

For Businesses: Business App

Business Suit

Beyond mere software, a trusted AI powered smart employeewith end-to-end tools and collaborative workspace.

👋 Boring ERP's?
Customize just how you want it!

Build your own



30 seconds


Avik AI

Our Avik AI evaluates your needs and creates your ideal
business suit in just 30 seconds.

  • Business App: World #1 App that Auto-Scales

Build for Growth

As your company grows, Business App evolves itself with your own custom ERP, CRM or HRIS using AI

*Our business products require zero extra training thanks to our experienced UX team, including team of grandma and grandpa. If they can use it easily, anyone can.

Business App: New Age ERP

Built for everyone.
everything. everywhere.

Crafted with extensive research and guided by industry experts, Business App covers every requirements and is adaptable worldwide.

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We're Breaking Barriers

Propelling world from zero to one, enabling everyone rise a step up!
Get ready for Industrial Revolution 5.0

How we started?

Acowale is a product startup 🌱 sprouted from a picturesque hilly village in the Western Ghats of Southern India. ⛰️

Our story took birth in the bedroom of a 21 year old during the 😷 pandemic helping small businesses.
 Originally part of ‘Project Anocom’ – a non-profit initiative led by our Founder CJ (@crisbinjoseph) we digitalised 2000+ businesses with a mission to help SME’s stay afloat during the pandemic.

Post pandemic the non-profit digitalisation requests with Project Anocom were moved under Acowale where we went on to build custom solutions for entrepreneurs from across the world. This experience revealed need for a simple yet effective open platform connecting consumers 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 and businesses 🏪 together.

In August 2023, Acowale upgraded as a product focused company and all service based operations were regrouped under AGS – Acowale Global Solutions.

How we make profit?

As majority of our products are offered at no cost, there is often curiosity about our profit model. 🧑‍💻

Simply put, we generate revenue by collecting small fees from larger businesses that utilize the “Business App,” which in turn supports our global operations. This allows us to fuel our mission to offer high-quality technology to small businesses at no cost. 🏬

Why don't you charge everyone?

We firmly believe that in today’s era, every business can succeed with access to right technology and from our core Acowale is committed to supporting small businesses by providing them with free access to essential technology tools. Our dedication to this cause is evident in our history, where we assisted over 2000 small businesses in digitalising for free during the pandemic. We view these businesses not just as customers but our partners in growth, we’re nurturing them for success as we will also make profit when they scale up and utilize our products in future.

Why no commission in our shopping apps?

Our shopping platforms are open for anyone to use. 
We believe businesses should keep 100% of their revenue. This also saves consumers around 30% on each purchase. 🛍️

But why? 
It’s because we’re enablers! Our goal is to enable everyone to build a successful business powered by the “right” tools 🛠️ from us.

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Innovating the Future

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