Our Story


the story of a dream team vision

Everyone has a story. Our is a dream.

from the picturesque remote hilly village of Vellayamkudy near Kattappana in the Western Ghats of India we sprouted during the pandemic with a mission to help small business go digital and keep running when the world shut down.

The Beginning

Originally known as ‘Anocom,’ a group of college students, led by CJ (Our Founder Crisbin Joseph), created custom tech solutions from their dorm rooms. During the pandemic, we expanded to assist small businesses, developing over 120 custom solutions. We officially incorporated as ‘Acowale.’

The Pivot

Through this experience, we recognized the demand for a streamlined solution connecting consumers and businesses, emphasizing simplicity with the “right” tools. In September 2023, we made the decision to transition into a product company, commencing with research on over 8000 businesses to craft the optimal solution.

We're Going Global

In January 2024, we completed the prototype of our flagship platform, and started user testing. The platform is designed to enable everyone build a successful business powered by the “right” tools from us. Its globally scalable and adapts to every business types.

Why US

At Acowale, challenges are our driving force.

From our origins as “Anocom” to becoming Acowale, challenges have shaped our journey. Now as a focused product company, we see each hurdle as a chance to craft efficient solutions. We view pivoting as the guide that help us propel world from zero to one.

Our Core Values

Our culture is built around four key attributes that differentiate us.


Think Different.
Innovation is at core of everything we do at Acowale.


Think Simple.
Every creation at Acowale must be simple and useful for mankind.


Think Universal.
Develop quality technology accessible to everyone.


Think Infinite.
We build everything at Acowale with infinite future in mind.


Our diverse team includes industry veterans, technologists behind India’s UPI system, experts in CX, marketing, and supply chain, who worked at giants like Flipkart.

Together with international finance graduate, university topper in design, and individual who’ve closed 200+ sales in 2 years. Our lineup also features HR leader, overseeing 50+ size teams, and certified SAP and Tally expert.


We believe Acowale represents a unique investment opportunity where you can make a substantial material impact. If you’re excited building a lasting legacy with a new era, we’d love to schedule a call or meeting to discuss our vision, culture, Acowalian life, and how we’re poised to innovate the future with your expertise and resources. Let’s shape the future together!

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