Transform the way you recruit people.

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A powerful, agile, all-in-one recruiting tool designed with productivity in mind and loaded with features to help you hire more successfully.

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Everything you need to grow your team fast.

Acowale Recruiter is set up to allow everyone on your team to contribute to the hiring effort. You can easily divvy up the work and get everyone involved.

Enterprise Job Board

You’ll have a branded job board as a centralized place to display all the open positions at your organization.

Candidate Management

As they apply, new candidates automatically show up in the hiring dashboard for efficient review and management.

Team Collaboration

Hiring is a team sport and Acowale Recruiter is set up to support it. With no limit on your user-count, you can invite all the help you need.

Third Party Job Board

We’ve also integrated with third party job boards to provide you access to maximum talents. Never miss the right people for your company.

Workspace Integration

Integration with Acowale Workspace make it simple and easy to complete Onboarding and Offboarding Procedures. You can even connect Microsoft Teams, Slack and other applications too!

Next level hiring process

Integration with Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Webex by Cisco and Zoom make your hiring process remote, simple and faster.

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Simple workflow. Everyone can be a recruiter now.

Our verification system helps filter committed applicants. Simplified workflow focus on letting you concentrate on your business while we’ll take care of every heavy liftings. 

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Hi Sandhya,

You’ve been shortlisted for General Manager at Shivaji Food Park.

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Call Sandhya for Interview at Mumbai Bandra Office

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Innovatively built for recruiters and applicants.

We create engaging experience with our dedicated tool, post an application and let your candidates self-checkout their way towards.

Step into Future with AI

Did you know we’re powered by AI?

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Recruiter is powered by AI to help you enhance and simplify your hunt for perfect employes.

Future is here!

Be the forerunner in change.

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