Acowale Unveils Its Adorable Mascot: A Symbol of Commitment and Support

Vellayamkudy Village (India) September 7, 2023 — Acowale is excited to introduce its newest team member. This endearing mascot, affectionately named “Avik,” represents Acowale’s unwavering dedication to taking care of every facet of your business needs. 
The name Avik is derived from it’s very own creator and Creative Lead “Ganavi” (Gan”avi” + k = Avik). 
Avik, is not your typical mascot. He’s an AI powered super-bot, which cater to the needs and necessities of Acowale’s users. With a delightful personality and a wardrobe full of professional uniforms, Avik embodies the company’s versatility and adaptability. Whether it’s dressed as a tech guru, a financial expert, a creative designer, or even a customer service champion, Avik is always ready to tackle any challenge with a wagging tail and a caring spirit. 
Avik’s cheerful presence resonates with Acowale’s values of adaptability, creativity, and exceptional service. As the company’s furry ambassador, Avik will make appearances at events, share insights on industry trends, and spread smiles across the business world. 
Follow Avik’s adventures on Acowale’s social media channels and witness how this loveable character is here to take care of your business, no matter the challenge. 
About Acowale 
Acowale is a leading technology company specialising in design and development solutions, known for its dedication to innovation and user-centric design, consistently delivering exceptional digital experiences. 

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