Acowale Celebrates Recognition by Kerala Startup Mission 

Kattappana (India) / Trivandrum (India) October 7, 2023 — Acowale, is thrilled to announce its recent recognition by the esteemed Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). This certification marks a pivotal moment in our journey, affirming our commitment to innovation and growth. 
KSUM, a pioneering initiative by the Government of Kerala, has been at the forefront of fostering a vibrant ecosystem for sustainable startups. Founded in 2006, KSUM has dedicated itself to promoting technology-based entrepreneurship and creating the necessary infrastructure to support high-end technology startups. 
The collaboration between Acowale and Kerala Startup Mission opens doors to a wealth of opportunities and resources provided by the Kerala State Government. This partnership promises transformative benefits, including increased R&D intensity, stimulation of innovation culture, commercialization of technology, and fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
KSUM’s 360-degree support has allowed Kerala to emerge as a beacon of the startup revolution in India. With technology-based entrepreneurship at its core, Kerala has become one of the optimal places to start a business in the country. 
Acowale looks forward to this exciting journey with KSUM, which will provide us with exposure to investors and growth platforms while helping us contribute to the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship. 
“We are truly excited about this collaboration with Kerala Startup Mission,” said Crisbin Joseph Mathew, CEO at Acowale. “It aligns perfectly with our vision of innovation, and we are eager to leverage the support and resources offered by KSUM to drive our growth and contribute to the entrepreneurial landscape.” This recognition and partnership signify Acowale’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and making a positive impact on society.  


Mr. Swaroop Shetty from Office of CEO who oversaw collaboration process with Startup Kerala, expressed his sincere thanks to government officials and #TeamAcowale members for their unwavering support all along. 
About Acowale: Acowale is a forward-thinking startup committed to innovation and growth. With a focus on Saas products, dedicated to making a difference in the AI business analytics. 

About Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM): Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is a pioneering state nodal agency founded in 2006 with the vision of promoting technology-based entrepreneurship activities and creating the infrastructure and ecosystem required to support high-end technology-based startup businesses. KSUM has played a pivotal role in transforming Kerala into a hub for innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship. 

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