Acowale gets its first full-time CTO, Mr Prabhakar Mohanarangam. A 20+ year experienced senior technologist

Bengaluru (India) 17 June, 2023 — Acowale on its first birthday is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Prabhakar Mohanarangam, affectionately known as Prabha, as our new Chief Technology Officer. With a remarkable 19-year career in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector, Prabha is acknowledged as a visionary IT leader. He played a pivotal role in constructing India’s UPI system, handling around 9 billion monthly transactions, crucial for the nation’s economy. 
Prabha’s expertise extends to national-level initiatives such as IMPS, AEPS, NFS, and RuPay, earning him prestigious awards like the Best Coder Award. With a rich background at LIPI, FIS, and the National Payments Corporation of India, Prabha’s dedication fuels our journey toward transformative industry changes. His commitment aligns with our mission to reach a billion users by 2025  
About Acowale 
Welcome to Acowale, where innovation meets impact. Acowale stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence. Our journey is marked by visionary strategies and a deep commitment to transforming ideas into transformative solutions. As a SAAS startup, we specialize in finance, e-commerce, social media, accounting, and team management, catering to businesses of all scales, both offline and online. We simplify the intricate web of business management by offering a centralized platform for all your needs – from inventory and invoices to order management and customer support. Acowale is more than just a company; it’s a seamless experience, empowering businesses to thrive. Join us as we redefine the future of entrepreneurship, not just in Kerala but beyond. 

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