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Mental Health And Wellness During Challenging Times

“A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body.”

It’s pretty easy to go on and about our lives when everything is going smoothly; however as soon as life throws its obstacles at us we become disheartened. I could say that “Its life, everything happens for a reason!!”
Maybe that’s true, Maybe not.
Whatever it is, we need to remember that “Life’s 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”. Challenging times can often be confusing, and can create difficulties that one has never faced before.

I think we all can agree that COVID-19 or the


as I like to call it, had created an environment which was terribly new to everyone and coping with such a new situation was rather difficult. With its enormous effect all around the world, it had not only impacted physically but also mentally to everyone. It was difficult to predict how things would change, hence making us feel powerless.

And no doubt when life changes, and creates circumstances out of your control, it leads to stress and anxiety and even depression. Stress is normal and sometimes it is good for you , as it can motivate and help you do what you are doing. However long term stress can be harmful.

Whenever you feel stressed , try putting some things into perspective by asking yourself questions like

“Will it matter in the next 6 months?, What’s the worst that can happen?”

chances are things might not seem as bad as you first thought.

Now the question arises , how might I take care of myself during such times?

  • First things first, prioritize yourself over everything! Taking care of your mental and physical habits should be your number one priority. One should eat healthy food, engage in regular exercises or make time for any activity that bring you joy. These small habits will go a long way!
  • Try to be socially active. We humans are social creatures and we are drawn to connections.
  • Communicate your feelings. Be it your parents, close friends, partner; whoever it might be talk about your feelings and ease off your worries.
  • Ask for help. Help is only one phone call away.
  • Limit your exposure to social-media.

Lastly , remember that it’s okay to struggle and ask for help. And as always stay kind as we never know what someone is going through!!

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