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Managing Stress And Anxiety During Uncertain Times

Our mental health takes a toll during uncertain times and if left untreated can often result in severe problems such as depression. Therefore, managing one’s mental health is crucial and should always be a priority. Uncertain times such as personal challenges, societal disagreements or even pandemic situations causes extreme stress and anxiety and can be overwhelming as well.

Here are some strategies on how one can manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times-

– Practice self-care – taking care of yourself is essential for managing stress. Prioritize activities that promote relaxation such as your favorite hobby like dancing or painting. Getting exercise done regularly helps maintain the stress hormone and make you feel happier. So, eating balanced diet, doing your favorite past time and exercising can help.

– Let go of what is not in your control – we often hold back on things that we have no control on and therefore the obsessive thoughts about them makes us anxious. Acceptance is the foremost step in healing your self from anxiety. Do things that are in your control like your daily routine, Self-care habits and how you react to situations.

– Limit use of social media – Yes, you read it right. Social media might seem as a good escape from your negative thoughts for a while but in long run its only damaging your mind and emotions.

– Connect with friends and family – during uncertain times connecting with people you love can be the best form of managing stress. Be around people that radiate positive energy and uplift you.

– Seek Professional help – Despite all your efforts some situations and circumstances definitely require a professional help to manage your metal health.

So, to sum up managing stress and anxiety could be really challenging but is also an essential part of maintaining a good mental health. Hope this reaches to someone dealing with stress and anxiety and helps them in some way or the other.

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