BlogDesignHow to use Figma Basic Design?

How to use Figma Basic Design?

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So first of all, you have to create a Figma account and download Figma to your desktop. For a better user experience, you can also use Figma in any browser, i.e., Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave Browser.

  1. So the first step Create a Figma file and click on the Plus icon in the top left corner of the dashboard, which will open a new canvas. This is where you can add shapes and objects to your design. You can choose from various shapes, including rectangles, circles, and triangles, as well as text, images, and icons, by selecting the “Insert” menu in the top left corner of the canvas. The second thing is to try to learn the Figma shortcut as soon as possible because it helps boost your productivity. Just click on the Figma icon, go to Account and Help, and open the keyboard shortcut.
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  • Before designing the stuff, just download this must-have extension, i.e., Unsplash, Feather Icon, and Remove BG.

2.  On the right side, go through the right navigation bar where you select frame size, constraint, auto layout, text guide, color style, and export your file.

You can adjust your design by using Figma’s alignment and spacing tools, which enable you to align objects with each other and adjust the spacing between them. You can also modify the size and position of objects by moving them around the canvas.

Figma’s layers panel allows you to organise your designs into different layers, like transparent sheets that you can layer on top of each other. By utilising layers, you can efficiently manage and edit various aspects of your design.

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3. After completing your project design, you have the option to export it in different formats, such as PNG, SVG, JPG, and PDF files. You can also use Figma’s design handoff feature to share your designs and work with developers and colleagues.

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