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Sivarama Krishnan
Product Designer - Design Department
Sivarama's journey is a tale of unconventional choices and unyielding passion. Back in April 2023, he walked across the stage with an electrical engineering degree in hand, but little did he know that his true calling lay beyond the circuits and wires.

His transformation began when he discovered the mesmerizing world of UX design through Google's renowned UX Certificate program. He immersed himself in the intricacies of UX principles and practices, driven by an insatiable curiosity to create user-centric experiences that would leave a lasting impact.

The next chapter of his story unfolded at Acowale, where he took his first steps as a UX Designer Intern. Sivarama truly came into his own, navigating the challenges and embracing the learning curves with zeal. During his tenure, he made a significant impact by contributing his expertise to the enhancement of the Acowale recruitment platform, leaving behind a trail of innovation. His extensive knowledge of UX laws, mental models, and UX principles is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Furthermore, he has successfully completed UX projects, including designing a food delivery app and improving the booking flow of a UTS app.

In his world, Sivarama merges from engineering background with the artistry of design to create a symphony of possibilities. Every pixel and wire becomes a canvas, and "every user's journey is a masterpiece waiting to be woven" according to Siva.