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Neha Maheshwari
Chief Human Resource Officer - HR Department
Neha Maheshwari, hailing from Rajasthan in India with her upbringing in Arunachal Pradesh and college days in Tamil Nadu, has been exposed to diverse Indian cultures. This exposure has nurtured her ability to think from multiple perspectives in various situations.

Acowale takes great pride in her leadership abilities, visible from her role as the team leader during India''s largest techno-management fest, Aaruush. Her successful coordination and management of the event, which garnered acclaim, taught her valuable skills in planning, time management, and staying focused on achieving outcomes. It was during this experience that she witnessed the magic of teamwork, orchestrating a successful event with the participation of around 30,000 people. Additionally, Neha's active participation in cultural programs has contributed to her confidence and personal growth.

When the pandemic struck, Neha joined her family business, one of the largest FMCG distribution companies in Northeastern India. This opportunity allowed her to expose with the intricacies of the economy and management. Initially tasked with managing employees across multiple states and ensuring timely work completion, her responsibilities expanded to include reaching out to potential buyers and maintaining constant communication with manufacturers like Coca-Cola.

Through this experience, she gained insights into the world of business and its economic dynamics on a larger scale sharpening her Human Resource skills. She also realised how even small businesses can be a livelihood for hundreds of people and have the potential for rapid growth.

During Acowale's early days, Neha joined as a business development lead, leveraging her well-established connections with thousands of retailers in the North-East India to provide real-time user feedback and conduct research for our products.

During Acowale's challenging period in January 2023, when CJ made the decision to drop the entire product that had been built until then, Neha stood as a steadfast pillar for the company. She played a crucial role in rebuilding the new team, overseeing the shortlisting of thousands of candidates and conducting numerous interviews with CJ to bring onboard individuals who shared the mission and vision of Acowale, embodying experience, dedication, and passion.

Neha also took charge of establishing a new workflow system for Acowale, transforming a loose group of young minds into an organised workforce with professional standards.

Gradually, she transitioned into the role of Head of Human Resources, effectively managing the team''s growth and development. Furthermore, Neha leads the brand marketing team, responsible for maintaining the image and identity of Acowale in the market. Her strategic approach and creativity contribute to the brand's success and recognition.