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Mohammed Shabbir
Product Designer - Design Department
Mohammed excels in the art of ideation, research, and crafting cutting-edge product designs. Before Acowale, Mohammed thrived as a Graphic Designer at Solvio, this was a crucial period where his design expertise matured. He was instrumental in creating cutting-edge visuals for interactive smart worksheets during this period. Mohammed also showcased his adaptability by creating worksheets with different courses in mind, each with a different level of difficulty. Additionally, he was a key contributor to a team that consistently expanded content offerings through innovative ideas and practical execution.

Prior to his design journey, Mohammed held a pivotal role at Ali Mill Store in Dhaka where he worked as a Stock Analyst and Customer Relations Manager in this multifaceted role, he meticulously analyzed stock levels, managed inventory, and negotiated with clients, adeptly handling purchase orders from initiation to finalization, ensuring efficient deliveries. This experience provided Mohammed with valuable insights into customer preferences and approaches, an experience he leverage in his job at AcowaleBusiness products design tasks.

Under-graduated in Computer Science Engineering, from VIT Vellore. Throughout his academic journey, he has undertaken many diverse projects, such as human-computer interaction, web development, blockchain technology, and natural language processing (NLP). These projects not only highlight his profound passion for technology but also showcase his innate talent for design and problem-solving.

Mohammed is a dynamic individual who enjoys exploring new horizons. He shares a passion for technology and design, and an active and influential member at university technical club, serving as the Head of Design. Mohammed's impressive leadership extends to managing the club's design team, conducting design sessions, and orchestrating technical events. His multifaceted talents, ranging from technology and design to leadership, make him an invaluable asset to Acowale's design team. Nazar E Moin Sheikh
Product D... by Crisbin Joseph Mathew Crisbin Joseph Mathew 7:48 PM Nazar E Moin Sheikh
Product Designer - Design DepartmentUnder-graduated in Computer Science student... by Crisbin Joseph Mathew Crisbin Joseph Mathew 7:49 PMUnder-graduated in Computer Science student at Bennett University, Noida - Nazar is known for his fervent passion for the dynamic synergy between technology and design. His journey has been marked by a strong grounding in design fundamentals, driving him towards his aspiration of emerging as a proficient UX/UI designer. He is deeply committed to crafting solutions that leave a lasting impact and revolve intricately around the user's needs.

His canvas extends beyond the realm of design as he also holds a keen interest in network security and cybersecurity, allowing him to infuse a layer of security into his creations, ensuring both functionality and user data safeguarding.

He possesses a comprehensive skill set encompassing Research, Analysis, Design, and User Testing, functioning as a Full Stack UX Designer. His mission is to engineer experiences that resonate with users on profound levels while adhering to the highest standards of security. He thrives on the intricacies of the design process, from concept inception to meticulous user testing, all while staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

He is always eager to embrace fresh opportunities and collaborations that facilitate his growth as both a designer and a technologist. He started his design journey by exploring the Google UX/UI design course during a summer break. Subsequently, he completed a summer internship with Celebal Technology, gaining hands-on experience in developing AI/ML models and data analysis. His keen interest in cybersecurity led him to another internship at 1stopai to explore this field further. In addition to his academic pursuits, he has a strong background in co-curricular activities, having served as a sports captain in school and as a core team member in the IEEE BU Media and Design team.