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Jitendra Reddy
Product Designer - Design Department
He is a creator at heart, with a keen interest in art, design, and photography. Prior to joining Acowale and pursuing a career in design, specifically in the field of user experience design, he worked in various departments of visual communication and electronic media, such as photography, journalism, and television production, to name a few.

He enjoys birdwatching and has a passion for wildlife photography. As a photographer he leveraged his photography and cinematography skills on many college events, including interdepartmental programmes, Cultural Fest, and other programmes, He also worked in some local freelance events, where he did a lot of wedding and short film shoots.

Now He’s on a quest to improve user experiences by solving their everyday problems. The simple reason for his career switch is none other than his own problems that he faces on a daily basis, and he thus decided to change his career to user experience design, as this is the field where all creative minds collaborate together to ideate solutions for the critical problems that users face in their life. He believe that learning is the foundation of growth, and he is dedicated to improving his skills and knowledge every day. 

His fascination with emerging design trends and cutting-edge technologies fuels his desire to stay at the forefront of the industry. As He gaze into the future, his aspirations are set high. He envision himself as a professional in the field of design.The journey is just as important as the destination, and He’s excited to explore the uncharted territories of design, innovation, and user-centricity.