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C Gowda

Ganavi C Gowda
Creative Lead - Marketing Department
Ganavi's path into the world of creativity and animation is a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication.
From childhood, Ganavi displayed an immense fascination for the world of art, including drawing, sketching, and painting. Her love for cartoons, especially the timeless classic "Tom and Jerry," sparked her curiosity about the magic of animation and how it all came to life on screen. Throughout her school years, Ganavi actively participated in numerous drawing competitions, consistently winning accolades for her artistic talents.

One of her most cherished achievements was representing her school at a state-level drawing competition and emerging victorious.
Following her high school graduation, determined to pursue a career in animation -she enrolled in an undergraduate program at Jain University, where she immersed herself in the world of animation. One of her proudest achievements is her short film named "Haunt," where she worked on 3D modeling, animation, and sound research and development - an area she's particularly passionate about.

Her passion and dedication led her to excel in her postgraduate studies, earning her the title of University Topper for the subject "Character Design". Her creative journey has been filled with triumphs, from winning graphic design competitions to taking on numerous projects in character design and 3D modeling. Her portfolio shines brightly with diverse and impressive creations.