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Joseph Mathew

Crisbin Joseph Mathew
Chief Executive Officer - Acowale
CJ's love for technology started at 8 years age with his first computer. Just like peers CJ loved playing games, but this curiosity led him to delve into the inner workings of those games. He began exploring the code files, finding joy in creating his own better gaming versions. Exciting him, friends loved the new versions he build.

By the time he turned 11, access to internet became a pivotal life moment. In an instant, the world stretched out before him, unveiling a network of kindred spirits ready and willing to elucidate his tech-related inquiries, ushering him into a new world of technology, he found boundless potential there. As the days rolled on, CJ delved further into networks, software, and the fun of constructing his own innovations.

From solo building first website at the age of 12, CJ developed a passion for immersing himself in the world of gadgets and crafting technology platforms building 400+ of them till date.

From creating video modules at age 15 using Premier Pro to building automated team selector for peers during college, CJ loves creating useful solution for every problem around him. He even used to host a website for peers to share notes and study materials at college.

Being student representative during college day, helped CJ polish his leadership skills and conducting multiple programs in college and national level helped improve management skills- also giving exposure to variety of people, culture and communities.

CJ being always the go-to tech "juggad" guy in his village, laid the foundation of Acowale. As the core idea for One & Business evolved from experience helping small business get digital during the pandemic.

Driven by a profound belief in simplicity, and a dream in transforming even the smallest tasks into seamless experiences, bridging the gap between generations CJ continue crafting solutions to every problem around him.