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Bhavishnu C
Product Designer - Design Department
Bhavishnu, began his journey of learning and creativity as a child. Through struggles and unwavering faith, he achieved remarkable things. An avid artist he educated himself in various design fields like transportation design, product design, industrial design, UX/UI design etc. According him, design is a way of serving nature.

He also cleared challenging National Level Design Exams like NID (AIR-6th), UID and DYPDC. Beyond design, he has gained knowledge and certificates in Psychology (PFA), Bio-Hacking in Brain’s Health, Neurobiology Medicine and Society, Management of Leadership Skill in IIM andConcepts of Biomimicry, etc.

He is not only accomplished in academics and design but also a skilled athlete. Being a state-level footballer and also with the title of Overall Champion in Athletics and Judo. His leadership skills shine through as he captained football teams for 7 years, leading them to numerous victories. According to him, success in sports is all about discipline, teamwork, and adaptability.

Apart from academics and sports, he’s blended with music field too, he’s a guitarist and exploring Ukulele, Flute and Keyboard also he got interest in Deep Meditation because both are interlinked and kept his flow alive.

Recently his interest turned towards UX Design, so he started to learn it and additionally he completed the Google’s UX Specialization course and now he gained skills in User research, team organising, Colour Psychology, User Interface and other UX design concepts, etc. His commitment to learning, unwavering determination, wealth of experience, and diverse knowledge in various fields consistently create a positive impact on society and nature. Dhruv Rao
User Experience Lea... by Crisbin Joseph Mathew Crisbin Joseph Mathew 8:00 PM Dhruv Rao
User Experience Lead - Design DepartmentWith over 10 years of experience in the des... by Crisbin Joseph Mathew Crisbin Joseph Mathew 8:01 PMWith over 10 years of experience in the design industry, Dhruv is a seasoned professional who has made a significant impact on renowned brands such as Netflix, Glitch, Zomato, Lenovo, and Crocs. Having held senior roles at these esteemed companies, he has honed his skills and gained a deep understanding of user-centric design principles.

Joining Acowale approximately six months ago, Dhruv has brought his wealth of expertise to the table, working with the development of the AcowaleOne mobile and desktop application system. His visionary approach and meticulous design thinking have played a crucial role in shaping these cutting-edge platforms.