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Amal Padhamnabhan
Product Designer - Design Department
Amal completed his degree in Bachelor of Computer Application from Kerala University. He came into the corporate sector via campus placement during his Undergraduate years getting selected for Infosys and worked there for 3 years, during those years he has been promoted 3 times from the initial position as Operations Executive. By the time he resigned to join Acowale he was already a Systems Engineer. Even though was working in the service sector he trained himself with courses and aquired skills related to Product Design selecting him during one of Acowale's hiring rounds. As Acowale focus on skills than educational background, the talent search team was surprised with his design and deep creative skills.

He also acquired a Top 10% score in Human Computer Interaction under the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF).

Amal is known for his user-centric and detail-oriented design approach, which extends to illustrations and 3D modeling. Beyond work, he enjoys gaming, movies, and occasional trips. His leadership skills led to his role as team lead.