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ACOWALE’s unique approach to Talent Acquisition and Retention

Innovation and Future

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Our UProach

We ACOWALERS focus on the futuristic innovations and products which helps the living society for betterment and satisfaction. So we created an Unique team with highly talented persons with passion and dedication.

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  1. We care for our Employees health and status because they are the pillars of our company. So we often conduct Happiness Index Metting individually to know whether our employess are happy or they have any issues to sort out.
  2. We focus on Work Life Balance which plays and cricial part in Employers life. We have employers ffrom different state and nations, getting everyone toghether in office circumstance is pretty hard, so we set up a REMOTE TEAM, so they can work through online without considering about the place where they are. To manage the REMOTE TEAM we came up with a managing team those who can manage employers work and guide them in proper manner.
  3. We provide oppurtunities and perks to everyone which will definetly an Add-On to their work stability and bonding.

WorkFlow Methods and Procedure:

  1. We analyse the Task/Work.
  2. We collect Data about the tasks.
  3. We pick specific Members and collaborate them into a team to complete specific tasks.
  4. We setup a Task leader and Team Leader those who can manage others works efficiently and kept them along towards the Goal.
  5. After setting up the team we setup a virtual meeting with everyone in the respective team.
  6. We made a time duration, within that time everyone should complete their tasks, but we manage and split the work equally and we give additional time for those who are not finished their task. We never force our employers to finish the task, they can finish anytime at their own pace.
  7. We give the task in a specific group and we individually split the task to eachone sepertately, so that they can easilly sort thier respective tasks.
  8. We provide an sample video with clear expaination about the task for better understanding and we will always make sure that everyone are cent percent clear about the concepts. We never hesitate to teach or expain again, we love teaching and always ready to learn from the employers too.
  9. We always give oppurtunities to everyone by giving the Additional Positions, so that everyone will get the experience equally and can responsibly respond to handle everyone in the team and company.
  10. We provide health and additional insurance schemes during pregnancy and emergency situations, WE CARE FOR YOU is our destined Motto.

To be Continue….

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