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Transforms daily life into a fun adventure, filled with everything you need to enrich each moment of your life, effortlessly powered with your AI intelligent personal assistant – Avik.

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Super platform for your business

All-in-one solution for every digital needs of your business. 

Our Promise. One Pricing.
Access Everything

Unlock our super-platform for your business— Save upto 90% and one work day every week.

Collaborative workspace save one work day each week

Unlock our super-platform for your business— Save upto 90%

Our Promise. One Pricing.
Access Everything.

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World's Largest Merchant Organisation.

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Build and scale with confidence, discover how businesses similar to yours thrive with businessapp.

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acowale experts

Setting up an ERP, Website, or Custom Solution for your business can feel like building a spaceship from scratch, so our expert team of engineers is ready for lift-off!

Our Promise:
Seamless, Stress-Free Handover, Professionally Managed.

Step 1: We'll learn+understand your needs.

Our team will reach out to discuss your requirements, understand how you envision the product, and gather all the background info—because mind reading is still in beta and we love talking to you!

Step 2: We'll curate Business App for you.

We’ll adapt BusinessApp to your needs, refine your website, and data—because your business deserves a custom fit, not just the regular version.

Step 3: We'll deliver in 14 days.

In just 14 days, we’ll hand you a fully set-up and customized Business App, Website, and ERP—complete with a user manual and a decoder ring for deciphering tech jargon!


What our customers say about us

Ikhwata Andy

Ikhwata Andy

UI/UX Designer at Google
“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recomended this product to beginners and advanced users.
Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller

QA Engineer at Hubspot
“It’s an innovative, easy to use interface. It’s not confusing; you don’t need to explain it. It’s self-servicing.”
Robert Fox

Robert Fox

Product Designer at Shopify
“As a business owner I had nothing but a great experience with Gotics. Racking up CC points through my normal course of business, extends my 'Days Payable' even further by using CC for all expenses and the simple user interface makes it easy to get in, check the traffict and get out.”
Turbo Timo

Turbo Timo

Fronted Developer at Asana
“Gotics helps my company be more successful. Plain and simple. It’s been a money saver and it’s been a time saver. Gotics, for me, is a company that is very much synergistic with does business. They really listen to the types of needs that we actually have and they start


Product Manager at Google
“I didn't realize how efficient this website is. This will make our business very good at analytics. Very helpful and I highly recommend this website.”


Prodcut Growth at Shopify
“It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-use. Would definitely recommend Gotics. I want recomendation Gotics with my business partner for analytics website.
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