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5 Top Figma Plugins that you must Add Right now

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Hello Designers, plugins are a great asset to designers in every platform, as they helps us to fasten our productivity and ease our workload. One of the Design tools that most Designers are familiar with is Figma. So I’m here to mention some of the most basic plugins that I personally use and thinks that it’s a must have for every designers out there.

Remove BG


If you’re a designer you would have most of the time had to remove backgrounds from certain images to enhance its presence on our project. That’s where Remove BG comes into play. It operates by identifying the primary object in an image and removing the remainder using artificial intelligence. You just need to copy the item and paste it into your design; that’s it. There is no excuse not to check out this tool because it will save you a lot of time




In my opinion for creating seamless apps with great UI, iconify is the most versatile framework. Iconify API provides data for over 100,000 open source icons! API is hosted on publicly available servers, spread out geographically to make sure visitors from all over the world have the fastest possible connection with redundancies in place to make sure it is always online.



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Breakpoint is one of the most important plugin you can use if you’re into responsive designing (Responsive design means the adaptation of webpage into different screen sizes). The breakpoint plugin helps us to link multiple different frames into a single one by adding breakpoints. Do check it out.


Content Reel

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You could say that content reel is the upgraded version of lorem ipsum. You can basically find whatever you need on Content Reel, including photos, text strings, symbols, and avatars. I frequently use this plugin, which was made by Microsoft. It is one of the most significant and time-saving plugins.



official unsplash icon

I saved my favourite for last, Unsplash is one of the most popular plugin currently in the figma community with over 1.5 million users worldwide. It provides a wide variety of excellent images for your projects. And the highlight of it all is that it’s totally free and doesn’t even ask to provide credit. But it’s appreciated if we do so.


These are just my personal choice. So which is your favourite one? If it’s not here you can share it in the comment section below.

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